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Before and After - The Swartz Nurseries Landscaping

Why a Professional Design Service?

Because a successful home landscape depends on a good design and the right plants. A landscape must be designed to develop and improve as it ages. We often see plantings which look nice when first installed, but do not look attractive a few years later because the wrong types of plants were used for that situation and site. We can develop a design for you to help avoid such costly mistakes. We will design a plan that's suited to the particular needs of your home and property. We can also install our quality nursery stock for you at cost that is much more affordable than you may have thought. Or, if you'd like to do the planting on your own, we can give you all the advice and assistance that you may need. We fully guarantee our quality nursery stock with a one year warranty.

Why The Swartz Nurseries?

  • We are a long established company with a quality reputation since 1888.
  • We have experienced professionals with degrees in the fields of horticulture, landscape architecture, and landscape design.
  • We have a large selection of locally grown plants at our sales yard for you to personally view and choose for your home.
  • We can give you the best value for your dollar, with a landscape that will be designed correctly and within your budget.
  • Our designers personally design and supervise all the aspects of a project, insuring responsibility by one person entirely, resulting in clear and honest client communication, follow through, and service.
  • We are plantsmen that choose a wide variety of plants to create a unique, site specific design rather than fill your yard with the over-used plants commonly used by most landscape companies.
  • We value honesty and integrity in our relationships with our clients and honor our commitments to you.


Sample landscape design plan

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  • 1. Ready. Set. Go!

    Create a first class landscape design, call us! We will bring you the best value for your landscape dollar. Landscaping can add as much as fifteen percent to your home's value by investing in landscaping.
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  • 2. Initial Consultation & Site Analysis

    Because you deserve the best, we work with each individual on a personal basis insuring one point of contact from start to finish. One of our degreed landscape designers/architects will meet with you at your home. A plat survey of your property and a wish list should be made available to the designer at this time. During this initial meeting, your designer will review your landscape needs and interests. They will take measurements of all relevant elements, and locate all fixed structures and plantings. We will address your wish list and discuss your long term goals and dreams for your property. The initial consultation is free; fees for design work will be individually determined based on the scope of the project. The landscape design fee is credited back to the client when the proposed landscape project is implemented by The Swartz Nurseries. We make a substantial time investment in each landscape design to ensure your needs and desires are met so the landscaping will provide you enjoyment and beauty for many years to come.
  • 3. Landscape Design

    A well thought out plan for your property can be an exciting and valuable road map of where your property has been and where it is headed. A good road map can avoid a rocky road ahead. We will work with you to develop a creative solution to match your objectives and budget.
  • 4. Design Meeting

    We unveil a design concept and go over it thoroughly with you to achieve an individualized design specific to your property. We can make any revisions to the plan and budget during this process to ensure that your desires are met. Once all design elements have met your satisfaction we can provide an estimated start date and contract.
  • 5. Plant and Material Selection

    We offer an advantage over many landscape contractors because we have a nursery for you to actually see the plants which will be installed on your project. Many landscapers have no control over the quality or availability of their landscape stock. We can work with you to choose all the elements for a successful result.
  • 6. Implementation

    Our designers will personally bring the landscape plan to life with the help of our skilled staff. Your designer will be available to answer any question at any time. By performing the work to our quality driven high standards, you are assured of a premier product and a successful result.
  • 7. Landscape Follow Through and Warranties

    The Swartz Nurseries has a one year warranty on plants and a three year structural warranty on all of our construction work. If you have concerns with the health of any plant material we will often extend the warranty an additional year. You will always find a friendly person available to you; just a phone call away. We believe in making a long-term commitment to our work, and hope to be of service to you long after the projects completion.
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